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About Us

As the nation's premier undergraduate human rights journal, the Yale Human Rights Journal is committed to furthering conversations about human rights around the world by lifting the voices of activists, organizations, and scholars as well as publishing investigative journalism, academic, and opinion pieces. 

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Our Mission

YHRJ aims to use Yale's platform and privilege to raise awareness about global human rights concerns. We also aim to be a model of what student activities should be, actively engaged in community service and a positive space for student mental health and exploring ones interests and passions with the help of a supportive network of fellow scholars. 

The Team


Nikita Paudel and Eda Aker


Jessica Nyiam

Creative Director

Kasey Maquire


RJ Kelly

Chief Online Editor

Kalvin Verner

Outreach Director

Associate Editors

Aly Moosa. Elena Bouldin. Ella Mainwaring Foster. Grace Aitken. Joaquin Medrano.

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